A Unique
Processing Method

Producing Culatello di Zibello PDO is a true art that stems from a deep love for the territory and its ancient traditions. To bring this masterpiece to life, experience, time and care are required. Every single phase of the production process is governed by strict regulations.

In many respects, the production method is unique. Unchanged over time, it has been handed down for centuries and generations.


is one of the most precious cured meats

A masterpiece of Italian pork butchery, it is not by chance that it is nicknamed the King of Cold Cuts.

In fact, Culatello di Zibello DOP represents one of the Italian excellences in the food industry.

Made with top quality meat, it comes from the noblest and most prized part of the swine thigh. But its qualities do not stop there. The secret of such exquisite goodness must be sought in the particular climate of its land of origin and in the peculiar exclusiveness of its processing.

The alternation between long humid and foggy periods, and other torrid and sultry ones, is the determining factor for the correct curing and optimal aging of the King of Cured Meats, whose art has been handed down for generations.

The Production process


Culatello is identified as a charcuterie product, with an unmistakable “pear” shape, which is stuffed into a natural wrapping (usually the pig’s bladder).

Salt, pepper (whole and/or in pieces) and garlic are also present in the salting mixture.

In addition, dry white wine may be used.

The cut

From the thigh of the adult swine, deprived of bone and rind, the ‘flake’ is separated, in order to obtain the most noble and valuable part.

The salting

The cut obtained is sprinkled with salt and vigorously massaged by hand to allow uniform and homogenous absorption.

The investiture

After a suitable resting period, the cold cut is stuffed inside a pork bladder.

The binding

Once filled, the culatello is tied by hand, tightly with natural twine so as not to leave any air pockets.


Aging is a long and delicate process. It takes place in damp, well-ventilated cellars and must last at least 10 months, but can extend even longer.

The humidity of the air, in fact, favours the slow formation of noble moulds, a fundamental element for obtaining a soft and fragrant cured meat. The maturing of Culatello di Zibello continues even in summer, when the heat and sultriness, which are typical of the area, further enrich it with flavour and aroma.

Once the maturing process is complete, the final checks are carried out. At the end of maturation, you finally have the exquisite deliciousness in your hands.



Here are the guises in which
you can find the king of cured meats

Discover Culatello di Zibello DOP in these formats:
As a Whole, which requires preparation before being sliced;
Packaged in tranches, cut in half, vacuum-packed, ready to be sliced;
Packaged in trays, vacuum-packed or in a protective atmosphere, ready to be tasted.


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