The quality of the Culatello


The Consortium of Culatello di Zibello

Protect the typicality and quality of Culatello

Culatello can be identified as salume which has been encased in a natural wrapping, usually a dry pork bladder.

Thanks to the prestigious European label of Protected Designation of Origin – PDO (obtained under EC regulation n°1263/96), the consumers have learned to recognize and appreciate the deliciousness of Culatello di Zibello. This product of Italian charcuterie is made with the muscular inner part of the thigh of the pig, opportunely skinned, deboned and finally wrapped up whith twine, giving to the piece of meat its particular “pear” shape. The meat is then salted and seasoned with black pepper and/or garlic. In additon to this, it can be used also extra dry white wine, sodium and/or potassium nitrate in the quantities limited by the strict law regulations.

Nutrition Facts Table

Protect the typicality and quality of Culatello
Calories kcal 198
kj 828
Proteins g 19.74
Fat g 12.58
Carbohydrates g 0.00
Fibres g 0.00